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[one_half_last]I believe that the past can serve the present and the future.  Through the public campaign I am doing now, I hope that the research commitment can have an impact on a much broader scale not only regional but international levels.  I have worked closely with the communities in order to develop the site museums and guide training both children and adults.  In doing so, I have developed an integrated project (an art project) which has brought experts from various fields (e.g., archaeologists, anthropologists, artists, educators, architects, scientists, museologists) to help preserve the “archaeological heritage” of humankind.  Working closely with local and academic communities on heritage management at Ban Rai and Tham Lod rockshelter sites, demonstrates that archaeology is not only a science of the past, but also a discipline that cuts across all spatial and temporal boundaries. [button link=”” color=”green” newwindow=”yes”] Read More[/button] [/one_half_last]